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The return of SongPlayer

After a long time, the best Amiga audio player appeared again with a new version in August 2003. Special thank to Stéphane Tavenard for making this nice product and then for giving us the sources in order to improve his work. The development started in spring 2003 with the main aim to make a MorphOs native version and to add OggVorbis support, since this file format is more and more used nowadays.

The biggest part of the work for the MorphOS port was :

General features

SongPlayer try to use the best of the hardware and the system components (MUI, AHI, asyncio, datatypes, ...). For example the AmigaOS version uses assembly and the audio chipset called Paula. On the other side, the MorphOS version adds graphical improvements (24-bit icons and images) and uses the SystemV ABI for the vorbisfile.library.
  • Usable in command lines or with its complete GUI under MUI
  • Support of many formats : MP2/MP3, Ogg Vorbis, IFF, AIFF, WAVE, AU, CDDA
  • Specific version for AmigaOS, MorphOS, Amithlon
  • Karaoke !
  • CDDA playing through audio extraction
  • ARexx port for an external control
  • Bass and treble
  • Graphical gadgets : CPU used, vumeters, spectrum analyser
  • Effect that plays mono files in a pseudo-stereo mode
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AmigaOS 41.64PowerPCGCCAHINo08/008/06Not a full package, just the executable
MorphOS1.62PowerPCGCCAHIYes27/02/2004The russian catalog was forgotten. Sorry Vinny :(
Original buttons converted in 24-bit mim by Antibike
Amithlon1.6268020+VBCCAHINo22/04/0468k executable for emulation (Amithlon, OS4)


Stéphane TAVENARD is the SongPlayer author, but he doesn't support the product anymore. Support and improvements are now done by Mathias PARNAUDEAU and Nicolas DET.

If you want to give us a comment, a suggestion or make a bug report, please write to the address given in the doc (we want to avoid spam).


- The interview (in english) from the authors by Amiga Arena, about the version 1.60
- Ogg Vorbis : the official website and the page of CdRipper, an extractor of audio tracks for MorphOS
- The compiler VBCC by Frank Wille who leads the great support

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