As the initial roadmap has evolved these last years, with the incoming version 0.60, it is the opportunity to set a new to-do list.

Step 0 : Version 0.60, end of 2010

  • Integrated the GUI if started from the Workbench
  • Added support of text styles, handling the master slide attributes
  • Fixed paragraph alignment
  • Added support of WMF images
  • Validated with Valgrind and almost 700 files

Step 1 : The to-do list

  • Finalize usage of shared objects on OS4
  • Support shadowed text, different styles in a paragraph
  • Support transitions between slides, effects and interactivity as well
  • Reach 1000 PowerPoint test files
  • Much more Amiga oriented (appicon, GUI, tootypes, native gfx API, ...)
  • Port to other OS ? (AmigaOS 3.x, AROS, Android, ...)
  • Support music and sounds
  • Support TIFF format
  • Font management : if a font is not found, use a font from the same family
  • MorphUp support

Initial roadmap

PointRider roadmap or what I planned for the future with progressive steps.

Step 0 (over year 2005)

  • understand the format, obtain structured data
  • write tools to help managing these data

Step 1 : beta 1 (april 2006)

  • First public release
  • Shapes (images and texts) displayed at the right position with the right size
  • Text : basic layout and Unicode support
  • Fullscreen mode ('f' key)

Step 2 : beta 2 (june 2006 ... delayed in september)

  • Better OLE support (big files)
  • Remove some crashes (visible on Windows)
  • First Hollywood module (export of Hollywood scripts)
  • Validate with more test on Amiga systems
  • Fix the image parsing to obtain the good display order
  • Test with many more PPS files
  • Find how to set the background (colour or picture) delayed
  • Fix memory leaks
  • Change the size of the default fontdelayed
  • Remove strange characters (uncomplete font files or wrong charset)
  • Add options to set the font and its sizedelayed

Step 3 : Version 0.30 "In the background" (february 2007 ... delayed in may)

  • Add background support : colour, picture, tiles
  • Add timer to display slides each n seconds
  • New arguments : timer value, auto-end flag
  • Fix first unexpected slide that appeared with some files
  • SDL used as shared libraries under OS4 (sorry, they won't be ready)

Step 4 : Version 0.40 "Before the storm" (summer 2007 ... in fact, internal version)

  • New (and official) logo
  • Add statistics to get information for internal use (debug, optimization, ...)
  • MeltingPoint : Add support of background
  • Get the depth of the desktop, use hardware surfaces, manage uncommon display (16/9, ...)
  • Improve the scaling mode
  • GUI to launch PointRider
  • Test and debug : interactive display

Step 5 : Version 0.50 "Font engine" (beginning of 2008)

  • Better font management, find which font and size to apply to each shape
  • First step to a graphical engine indenpendant from the engine (SDL)
  • Text attributes with alignment
  • Support new background types (images, patterns, unique color, shaded colors, ...)
  • Inherit background but also other shapes from master slide !
  • Reach 1000 PPS files for testing (hey, send me yours)
  • AmiUpdate support

Step 6 : The future

  • Much more Amiga oriented (appicon, GUI, tootypes, native gfx API, ...)
  • 68k version ? May be a good test to indicate the low requirements
  • AROS version ? Embedded version ?
  • Music and sounds
  • Transitions, effects
  • Interactivity
  • More image formats supported, like WMF
  • Font management : if a font is not found, use a font from the same family
  • MorphUp support
  • Other OS as targets ...